Okay, So we were friends for 3 years. No not friends, Best Friends. You, one year ahead of me. I came to you for everything, to vent, to cry, for advice. Your freshman year came, and you changed. I put up with you, even though you fought with me and and treated me like shit. It was okay, I thought things were going to get better. We constantly got into fights. Never ending fights. You would just start a fight of something that was said months ago. And still I put up with. Then you called me a bitch, and told me never to talk to you again. & I was a bad friend. Listen here, I was there for you. I stayed up on the phone with you when you were sad. I gave you advice. I listened to everything, while no one else did. You treat me like shit, but the people who treat you like shit, you just… You do nothing to. And I’m glad we aren’t friends anymore. I haven’t cried over what you’ve said to me… In quite some time. As much as I’d like to say I hate you, I can’t. You’ve only made me a stronger person. You’ve taught me NOT what to look for in a friend.

Seeing cute couples kills me inside. I want you.

Whoever said best friends are forever, yeah well they lied.